ICO: WAVES, the decentralized financial platform, launches its crowdfunding campaign

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The digital currency platform aims to solve the most common problems of the crypto currency scene and to tackle the mass market.

WAVES, a versatile platform that supports the issuance of digital assets, will bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the emerging crowdfunding scene, collateral trading and money transfers.

The platform is particularly focused on the integration of the major currencies through legally compliant currency interfaces in the form of existing companies. The currencies are traded on the platform as digital investments and thus provide direct access to them. Neither the other risk of trading via an Internet exchange nor the currency risk is present. Furthermore, WAVES will represent an alternative in the course of the shift to corporate blockchains: A blockchain is designed for direct use by companies with the ability to meet any KYC/AML requirement. There will also be the option of anonymity – a must for any serious trading platform.

Decentralized Bitcoin profit

Initially, WAVES will focus on some key functions: A decentralised Bitcoin profit investment exchange will enable crowdfunding and the trading of financial instruments on the blockchain. Right from the start, users will have the opportunity to trade investments against investments. This also means that any currency or investment can be used to pay the network fees.

WAVES is designed so that the ‘Coloured Coins’ concept can reach its full potential,’ says Sasha Ivanov, founder of the platform and best connected in the digital currency scene through his own stock exchange and other projects. One of the first applications we want to make possible right from the start is a kind of decentralized kick-start – any person can raise funds for their project, where investors are protected by WAVES’ integrated reputation system and additionally have the opportunity to trade their shares in a project directly on the built-in exchange. A mechanism will also be provided to automatically return donated funds if certain milestones are not met.’.

Two-tier architecture of the Bitcoin profit

WAVES’s architecture aims at a simple, intuitive handling – more about this later in this review. The network is built on the Scorex platform. The Scorex platform uses an approach that requires the current Bitcoin profit network status for verification instead of the full transaction list.

WAVES will use a combination of different proof-of-stake mechanisms called ‘Leased PoS (LPoS)’, which allows the Lite client to verify the blockchain through account balances and leaves the generation of blocks to the full nodes. This two-tier architecture allows an easy to set up Lite client for the end user. The user interface will be similar to the popular online banking platforms, creating a flat learning curve.

The desire to keep usability as high as possible is also reflected in the use of plug-ins for new transaction types. Other platforms program these into the core, which leads to regular ‘hard forks’. “This approach allows any programmer to develop a new transaction type,” comments Ivanov. “Each interface can forward any transaction, whether the required plug-in is installed or not. This leads to an Appstore-like ecosystem combined with unprecedented flexibility.